Planning reference201379OUT
Date received20 March 2020
DescriptionDemolition of existing buildings (apart from Acton Town Station and the Edwardian substation at the northern end of the site)
Proposed useResidential development with commercial, community and green space
Size of site3.64 ha (2.73 ha in TfL ownership)
Number of buildings11
Building height(s)
Plot 1aPart 4, 6 storeys
Plot 2B8-10 storeys
Plot 2C10, 14 storeys
Plot 2D9, 15 storeys
Plot 2E10, 13 storeys
Plot 2F18 storeys
Plot 3A25 storeys
Commercial floor space2,110 m2 business use
243 m2 retail
1,226 m2 Train Crew Accommodation
Number/type of housing units852 flats
1 bed392 (46%)
2 bed341 (40%)
3 bed119 (14%)
Type of housing tenure
London Affordable Rent91 (11%)
London Living Rent29 (3%)
Discount Market Rent (up to 70% of OMR)66 (8%)
Shared Ownership213 (25%)
Open Market Rent100 (12%)
Open Market Sale353 (41%)
Overview from Acton Town station at the northern corner of Bollo Lane to the 25-storey tower at the southern end

Lead campaign group:
Facebook page: Stop South Acton Monster Tower

Recent planning history:

View of the southern end of the site
View of the northern end of the site (Acton Town station)
View from 25-storey tower along Bollo Lane to Acton Town