Planning reference172682FUL
Date received6 November 2018
DescriptionDemolition of commercial/office space (2-4 storey buildings) and replacement by mixed-use development
Proposed useStudent and residential accommodation, office space
Size of site0.73 ha
Number of buildings5
Building height(s)5, 7, 10, 11, and 31 storeys
Commercial floor space6,214 m2 over 6 floors
Number/type of housing units603 student rooms/85 flats
Student rooms603 (original)/604 (amended)
(736 bed spaces (original)/731 (amended))
1 bed40 x 1 person (47%)
18 x 2 people (21%)
2 bed9 x 3 people ( 11%)
18 x 4 people (21%)
Type of housing tenure
Affordable: Discount Market Rent35 (College Key Workers) (41%)
Private rental50 (59%)

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View from Wales Farm Road
The Perfume Factory development (green) in the context of planned developments for the area