Planning reference161133OPDS amended by 171246OPDC2
TypeFull and Minor Material Amendment
Date received19 February 2016 and 6 March 2017
DescriptionDemolition of a vacant 3-storey mixed use building to be replaced by a mixed use development
Proposed useStudent accommodation and ground floor flexible commercial space
Size of site0.11 ha
Number of buildings1
Building height(s)Part 16, 18 and 24 storeys with basement
Commercial floor space87.23 m2 retail
Number/type of housing units
Cluster bedrooms (ensuite WC; shared living/kitchen room)228 (54%) increased to 327 (66%)
Studios196 (46%) reduced to 170 (34%)
Type of housing tenure
Affordable student rent (55% of average maximum student maintenance loan for living costs available to a UK full-time student in London living away from home)42 (10%) increased to 50 (10%)
Market rent382 (90%) increased to 447 (90%)
View eastwards from North Acton station (artist’s impression)

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Artist’s impression of view from North along Victoria Road