Planning reference 192888FUL and 192889LBC
TypeFull and listed building consent
Date received 28th June 2019
DescriptionDemolition of a shop and outbuildings behind the Grade II listed Red Lion public house and mixed use redevelopment of the site
Proposed useResidential with flexible ground floor uses
Size of site0.29 ha
Number of buildings3
Building heights1 x 5 storeys (ground + 4)
1 x 11 storeys (ground plus 10)
1 x 16 storeys (ground + 15).
Commercial floor space55 m2 retail
Amenity space500m2
Number/type of housing units150
1 bed77 (51%)
2 bed62 (41%)
3 bed11 (7%)
Type of housing tenure
London Affordable Rent10 (7%)
Intermediate30 (20%)
Private ownership110 (73%)

Lead Campaign Group:

Outline view from Southall High Street
View from Southall Park (the East)