Planning reference201888FUL
Date received8 May 2020
DescriptionDemolition of all existing buildings and hardstandings on Crossrail works/shipping container storage site
Proposed useBuild to Rent residential
Size of site1.162 ha
Number of buildings7
Building height(s)1 x 4 (linking), 4 x2, 11, 12, 14, part 13 & 15, 16
Commercial floor spaceNone
Number/type of housing units460 flats
1 bed234 (51%)
2 bed178 (39%)
3 bed48 (10%)
Type of housing tenure
London Living Rent74 (16%)
Discounted Market Rent (av. 65% of OMR)89 (19%)
Open Market Rent (OMR)297 (65%)

Lead campaign group:

View from Park Avenue (southwards) of entrance to the development
View eastwards along Park Avenue with existing housing on the left
Overview of the development from Park Avenue facing south (including building heights)