Red Block Rebel Video Reveals Ealing’s Development Free-for-all

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Ealing Matters has joined forces with Red Block Rebels to create a short video tour of the major developments that have been built or are currently under planning consideration in the London Borough of Ealing.

Southall former Gas Works site: one stop on the tour

Called ‘Ealing –The Sky’s the Limit’ the film uses architectural 3D modelling technology to ‘build’ each development and superimpose it on a map of the borough. The images are underpinned by data painstakingly assembled from individual planning applications on Ealing Council’s website.

According to Red Block Rebels: ‘We were shocked by the extent to which development is changing the face of the borough. Worse still is the fact that it often bears little relation to Ealing’s Local plan developed in consultation with local residents almost a decade ago. This is now so out of date that developers explicitly ignore it. Ealing Council is putting together a new Local Plan based on increased housing targets set by the London Mayor. We want to make people aware of what has happened with the current Plan before engaging with the new one.

We feel that the film is also timely in view of the changes to planning arrangements that have been brought about by the Covid-19 health emergency. Many residents are concerned that more of these developments will be waved through without proper scrutiny, particularly as site visits that help committee members to understand the scale of these schemes have been cancelled.’

‘Ealing – The Sky’s the Limit’ will premiere on YouTube today at 7.00 pm.